Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Lego has to be the best timeless boys toy ever. It is a toy that can be played with from the age of 2 to 102! Who would have thought small plastic injection moulded blocks could be made into so many things and have been a firm favourite in many households since 1949 when they were first manufactured... let your imagination go wild!


Lego, has since been used to make many things and lately it has inspired lots of artist and product designers. Check out this fab lunch box, I'm sure even a grown man would be happy with this...maybe not a pink one though!

Make any Lego fans day when they open up there lunch box to discover this!
 Get this in many colours from...

Are you someone who is always miss placing your keys? Maybe this simple and easy idea is for you! It's super fun and anyone could make it, I'm not sure if it would be able to hold a massive bunch of keys though?
Lego board keys.

Blocking keys, this is a fab idea, especially when I go running on the beach I end up taking my whole bunch of keys apart just so that I can just take my house key with me. Maybe this is something I need to do, I could have a ring for England keys and a ring for Wales keys?

This is fab,  I wish they would do more exciting things like this in the UK, we need a bit of fun in our boring grey streets...

This amazing bridge is in Wuppertal, Germany. It is painted by street artist Martin Heuwold.

Fancy building a house out of Lego, well remember when James May tried?

Well we all know it didn't work out to well, but the effort was definitely there! 
How about making one on a smaller scale...

How cute is this! Little minds could wonder about who lived in this little house for days...
These should be on every street corner, they would definitely make the public smile a little bit more.

Fancy mending a brick wall...helping the community? Is this the Lego version of yarn bombing?

Need some inspiration for a boys bedroom or play room? How about tiling the walls with lego boards? I'm not sure about the whole room, but one wall or section of a wall would be pretty cool. It would definetly keep kids quiet for hours.

Something for the taste buds... Lego inspired cake that Dad and I made for my brother's 30th last March...

Lego inspired block and little workers busy making it! 
(Don't panic health and saftey was considered, they all have saftey helmets on...)

 Every man had a job...check out the little guy directing the crane driver!

I'll leave you with a lovely old advert from Lego... This would be fab as large scale print?

Lego isn't just for boys!


  1. Love this post! I have a Lego keyring and luggage tag (and a lot of actual Lego!) xx

  2. Thank you girls! Lego luggage tag? x