Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ocean's quilt

For a little while I have busy sewing a very pretty quilt for little Ocean. It's made up of all her old clothes from when she was tiny, the colours are stunning going from teal to pinks.... for a while it took a good bit of time swapping around squares and moving the colours about but I think the colour balance is right now.

This weekend I have been busy quilting it, always a slow task. The bulk of the quilt takes time to guide through the sewing machine, but I am half way through and its starting to come together. I am excited to get to the hand sewing part as this is my favourite part...Adding all the little details and embroidering nicknames and messages. I think it is going to look fab.

Look at Ocean and her little sister!

Lovely girlie colours... It is hopefully a palette that will grow with Ocean. At the moment she is 3, and loving pink!...but as she grows and develope the blues and teals will be 'cooler'. I hope it is a quilt that she will love an treasure, and that stories will be read under ... that it is used for picnics and most of all to cwtch up under and dream of princesses and mermaids xx

Slowly sewing the squares into stripes.

This square sums up Ocean... a little Harbour beach girl.
(You know your a real local when you grow up on harbour beach.)

Harbour Beach, Tenby.

Free machine embroidery, backing fabric & start of the quilting.

Colour flow...

Quilting till I ran out of chocolate...(it really really helps you to sew!)

Embroidery threads ready and waiting for the next stage.

I'm excited to see this quilt develope and soon bestf friends Ocean and Lily will have matching quilts!
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