Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Roundabout art...

I love how some art is completely unexpected, how you can be in a world of your own driving across the country and come across a sculpture or piece of modern art in the middle of a roundabout. I have picked just a few to blog about but now I’m on the look out I am sure I will spot a few more! It’s a shame that generally these amazing pieces of art don’t get a lot of press and the artist is never listed at the roundabout.

This roundabout below is locally known as the 'Mr Kipling' roundabout. I love the way that every few months the cake is re planted and always looks like you could eat it! Look how the snow even looks like icing...I know that's just lucky! This roundabout is sponsored by Manor Bakeries for 'Rugby in Bloom', who proudly designed and look after the two topiary cherry bakewells.
Rugby, Warwickshire, England.

This roundabout below features a replica aircraft of the Glouster E28/39. Sir Frank Whittle was the inventor and developer of the jet engine, that has made amazing breakthroughs in the 20th century. The first successful flight was in May 1941...a lot of the development and testing was done in Lutterworth and even the engine was build there. Still today Lutterworth is a successful manufacturing town. I love the angle that this plane is at, making it look like it has just taken off and nobody no where its wings could take you?!
Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England.

This beautiful oak tree sculpture is at the birthplace of the magician Merlin. In welsh Merlin, translates to Myrddin...which comes from Caerfyrddin (Welsh word for Carmarthen!) The tales say that Merlin said... ''When Merlin's tree shall tumble down, Then shall fall Carmarthen town.'' So I'm guessing now they have a steal oak tree that the town will always be happy and continue to grow!... On a roundabout close by there are a few oak leaves that have floated off... it is almost as if the tree is protecting the town. Carmarthen is a town full of art due to its great art college...where I did my textile degree. I love the way that this tree gets better with time as it continues to rust. It is just a shame I can't find the name of the designer? 

Carmarthen, Wales.

These huge salmon are also in Carmarthen, they are covered in sedum moss and look after themselves. Through out the Carmarthenshire there are rivers filled with salmon spawning and trying to swim up steam.With the river Tywi running centrally through the town... I think there should definitely be more of these sculptures about.
Carmarthen, Wales.

Spott roundabout in Cardiff is known for many things...but it is also known for its large roundabout filled with road sign sculptures! Every time you drive around it you spot something different... I did for nearly a year as it is where Peacocks head office is based. These amazing sculptures were designed by Pierre Vivant. I love the way that this roundabout incorporates all the roadsigns...the real art of the road.

Splott, Cardiff, Wales.

This roundabout makes me giggle, it's just filled with random signs. The roundabout was designed by 'installation' artist Michael Pinsky. It was designed to celebrate the Tour de France stage going through the county... but local residents were not impressed and over 100 of them complained! Some people will complain about anything!!...apparently it was confusing and causing accidents?! A Kent Highways spokesman said... "We are aware of the concerns about it being misleading and will be looking at the signs and their position." It has since been taken down.

Kent, England.

This fab 'traffic light tree' was also designed by Pierre Vivant and was commissioned by the Public Art Agency. It is placed in Canary Wharf in London and was designed to show the coloured lights in relation to how the London stock exchange was doing and its activity. This quickly became to expensive to be put into reality, but it is still a popular landmark. In 2005 Saga Motor Insurance asked its customers which was there favourite roundabout in the UK and the traffic light tree was their favourite!
Canary Wharf, London, England.

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