Sunday, 27 January 2013

Rocking dragon...

Back when I was in sixth form...ages ago (geez nearly ten years ago!) I made this 'rocking dragon' in resistant materials, I can't remember if it was AS or ALevel.

Well when I was home the other weekend, I started looking through my old portfolio work. Most of it I binned, some of it I kept and some of it wasn't to bad! But my rocking dragon still sits in our lounge at home and maybe when I have a family of my own I will take it with me?

I spent the second half of my schooling in Wales and now I would say I have more pride to be Welsh than English... and our rugby team is way better! So not wanting to design something that was the norm, I took the idea of a rocking horse and developed it in to being a potenial Welsh selling toy... I did get a couple of offers from galleries at the time. We have since made templates so that it can easily be reproduced.

A few bits from my project work...

Looking at my key customer children aged between 2 and 6 years.

Looking at the antropometrics of childrens hand span and how they relate to the handle size. 

Marker pen sketch.

Getting the perfect Welsh red stain... it took alot of developing.

 Nearly ten years on its still going strong...apart from Teals addition(when she was a cheeky puppy!)

A not so cheeky Teal x


  1. Your rocking dragon is really impressive, everything I made in resistant materials broke immediately! xx

  2. This is ll so cool and I love your little doggy

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  3. Wow that is the most impressive rocker I've ever seen! And the red stain is beautiful!

  4. Thank you! I can't believe it is nearly ten years old x