Saturday, 12 January 2013

Knitted City...

Yesterday I spoke about chunky knits for the home, which got me thinking about ‘Yarn Bombing’. Why shouldn't we wrap up our towns and cities this winter? I have never seen any myself… but I would love to!

I love the way it adds unexpected colour to a place and makes people smile. Is it knitted graffiti of the city? Is it art or craft? Is it crazy old people who are bored of knitting sweaters? …who knows but I think its cool…and I wouldn’t mind it if my local park looked like this!

I love the colours in this how they all sit together, definitely a good team of planners behind this!

Not forgetting the park bench...Maybe this is a beginner?

More rainbow trees... crochet trees to!

From reading online yarn bombing was first spotted in the Netherlands in 2004, but didn't;t really take off untill 2005 when a group of knitters in Texas didn't want to waste their old and unused scraps... So they went out in the middle of the night undercover and decorated the city with them. This craze has taken off and is slowly growing around the world!

Please have even started yarn bombing there local statues...

             I quiet like the fact that they chose to cover the gun, something about this that makes the world seam  a bit softer. 

Nothing like going to see the Eiffel tower in Paris and spotting this! I have so say, I would be more excited about seeing this cheeky leg-warmer!

Lastly a cheeky monster!... Nothing like scaring the traffic warden!!

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