Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Vintage suitcases

So after alot of thinking about it I decided to sell my vintage stack of suitcases. Don't get me wrong I loved them and used them to store all sorts but I have recently moved and needed the space back... I thought about ebay and aution houses which would have got the best price for them.. But I wanted them to go to someone who would apprieciate them... not to any old random! So I decided to put a picture up on facebook, and within 30mins I had a number of offers and I am pleased to say that my lovely friend Sian is now the proud owner.

Look how fab they look in there new home! (Far better than in my old flat)
Look after them Sian x

Sunday, 24 February 2013

A royal cushion

After going through some pictures in files saved in random folders on my laptop, I found the 'Royal Cushion'... 

Back in 2009 ish after setting up my own company with the help of a loan from the Princess Trust, I was asked to attend a 'Ladies Day' at the local race course and to meet the Prince of Wales.  So I thought it would be rude not to make him a little some thing... so I made him a telephone box cushion, the perfect image of traditional british design.

A few pictures from the day and the red cord cushion that is now in one of the many royal homes. Charles was even polite enough to write me a thank you letter. (Well he didn't personally write it but it was from one of his many assistants.)  This cushion is one of my favouirtes, I love how simple the design is and the cord adds real texture. The designs are all free machine embroidered and still avaliable for sale if any one is intrested just drop me a comment.

Telephone box on 100% cotton

After developing this cushion one afternoon, I decided to make a little collection of traditional British icons... and three is a nice number so these two designs became firm favourites to sit along side the telephone box. It's a shame that these red telephone boxes are dying out, do you have a local one? I drive past one everyday on the way to work and it always makes me smile... good old british design.

Queens Guard on textured woven grid cotton.

London bus on 100% cotton.

Maybe I should make a London black cab to join the collection or the London skyline?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Smelly boys...

The best thing about being single and not living with any guys is that when you put the loo seat down it says down! It must be hard having all boys and having to deal with the aim issue and the constant loo seat being up... So I made this...

Design is copy righted to Elspeth Morris 2013.

Detailing. Design is copy righted to Elspeth Morris 2013.

If you live in a house of smelly boys and you think you bathroom needs one of these, then drop me a note and we can sort out your order... could be fun to personalise them with names especially if their is one person in your house that is realllllly bad!

Freshwater east...

Last week, I decided to drive home to Pembrokeshire for the weekend... see family and just chill out. So a stupidly quick decision was made and I drove straight home mins after finishing work and it was well worth it and actually did me the world of good. Comfort food, cwtches with Teal, and walks on the beach... sometimes you need a Pembrokeshire weekend! 

On Sunday we went for a walk to Freshwater East beach, it's not my local beach and there are probably about 10 different beaches along the coast between Saundersfoot beach and Freshwater East but sometimes its nice to go somewhere a bit different...

I love how all the beaches in Pembrokeshire are so different... they say there are over 50 beaches just in Pembrokeshire...  I guess that makes it a good place too call home.

Look at this funny bit of drainpipe, its the first time I've seen one about, but after reading the tube in English not Welsh. I discovered it for fishing tackle flies...what a fab idea. It helps to keep the beach clean and keeps any sharp hooks away from dogs and little ones toes! Maybe they should roles these out nationally?

Look at the stunning colours in the cliff and rocks. The blue greys against the olive greens, warm forest greens all sitting happily along side the mauve and soft aubergine... nature is pretty good at making amazing colour palettes. I'm guessing the house on the hill is a holiday home?... Can you spot little Teal?

Dad and teal... 
Sunday the beach was full of people all taking their dogs out and getting a bit of fresh air.

Sand dunes.

Look at the three complete contrasts on one beach...

How much do you want to pay?... £1 or 5p... It's totally up to you... yes really! Take a read of the sign below, how much would you pay?

Pembrokeshire does beaches pretty well!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Saving the pennies...

The other day in work we were chatting about jars of pennies and counting them all up and taking them to the bank... but that is a bit boring! This idea is sooo much better... (and I really want to try it!)

A floor that sparkles and shines and just cost's pennies (probally lots and lots) I love the mix of old and new, the contrasts add to the sparkles! This has to be the best floor ever, and a fairly easy DIY job?

I'm guessing (but don't quote me...maybe do a bit of research if you want to do it)
- Clean and prep the floor, remove any old tacks and rubbish bits
- Check the quality/ level of the floor... if you need to use self leveling concrete.
- Sweep the floor again to clear and dust.
- Put down a floor glue, in sections.
- Lay out the pennies in random order (or a pattern if you have loop OCD)
- Wait for the glue to dry, grout the floor and wipe clean.
- Wipe, wipe and wipe again...
- Allow the grout to throughly dry.
- Coat the floor in a couple of layers of polyurethane varnish and let it dry rock hard!

It's a fun way to add abit of a difference to a room... texture, colour and sparkle! 
Check out this website for more info on doing your own...

I love the way the light reflects off the coins, it could be fun for a small space or a hallway... even more reason to save my pennies for a house!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Neon signs...

Typography is constantly changing within the art word to stay fresh and now it has gone neon! Art in the home is often revolved around words and phrases that are motivational or make us smile. These are no exception but they are just a bit brighter and will definetly be a talking point in any home or office.

Neon lighting signs are the new thing in interior spaces, used in new and exciting ways...often with unexpected words and phrases. I love these and think it would be fab in any house, especially a bedroom...

I love this, the way the neon gives of the rays of light is almost dreamy.

From the norm, '1hour photo' shop sign to the 'Beautiful' sign.
It's really fun the contrast between the bright clean lighting and the bare plaster wall of the 'lucky' sign. 

A spot of colour...

Life can take you anywhere and I think this sums it up, its really nice against the wood planks... 
is it the contrast in texture?

Neon romance!  Oh this bedroom is perfect, fab wall art, fresh white sheets, white walls and furniture with character and charm... and a little dog... Teal of course!
Kiss sign...

Neon and modern art combine. What it is ment to represent I'm not sure but it's kinda cool.

How fun is this! Would be fab in a kitchen...brighten up and boring leftovers tea! Love the colours to...

Another kitchen sign... is this an up and comming trend? 
Watch this space... I definetly think it is going somewhere and you heard it here first!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Candy stripe sheets...

So after writing my 30before30 post, its made me think about things...silly things like as I changed my bed sheets tonight, I thought about number 19...

19.Ring my Gran more and take more time to learn about her past.

Often we forget about our closed family members and how we only know s much about them, Id love to know how my Gran fell in love with my Grandad, her child hood tales... all sorts. My gran is the queen of my family and I know i would be heart broken if there was things i always wanted to know but never took the time out to find out.

When I was little and we went to stay at my Grans I always had candy stripe super soft sheets and a pillow case with bunnies on (I was little!). Years later they are now in my laundry cupboard and still a favourite, they don't get used a huge amount but sometimes you need super soft cosy sheets. They obviously bring back memories for lots of people as a few companies have used old candy sheets as inspiration....

Washed out stripes similar to mine.

Toast have taken a washed out rustic earthy approach.
 The use of the olive is really against the peach and denim blue.

Cath kidston taking the classic look, in adding the bright highlight red and knocked back green.
The colours look really fresh against the soft grey pillows.

Cath Kidston take the range into towels to, I love this pallet its so fresh and clean.

The classic candy sheets with bright fun stripes...I wonder if mine ever used to look like this? 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cool places Sunday... Hammet House, Pembrokeshire, Wales.


Hammet House
SA43 2QA

This weeks cool places, is a beautifuly modern hotel in Pembrokeshire. This place is a stunning old house that has been very carefully filled with contempary furniture...every detail has been thought about and this has resulted in a stunning hotel! I would definetly love to go and stay there.

I know the owners havn't quite finished restoring every room yet, but it is definetly a project that is worth every wait. I love the use of grey and the contrasting bold bright furniture... the cardboard stags, the crisp white sheets and the red flex on the lights! God help if any guy did ever take me there I would spend the entire time commenting on the cool decor rather than there company hehe.

Dosn't it look like a fairy tale house...

 The amazing decor in the bar area... I'm sure a few glasses of merlot would go down nicely sat here.
Get the look with these cool light blubs...

Look at the stunning floor... I love the approch they have taken to this.

Don't the bedrooms look dreamy, you could sleep for hours in these crisp white sheets.

Fancy a corner to curl up with a book and a liquer coffee?

Ghost chairs...

Fresh, bright and bold dinning room. Every part of this hotel has been thought about and designed with style. I'm sure it will be come the 'it' venue of Pembrokeshire and be a huge success. Good luck to them x 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

30 Before 30...

30 before 30…

So I have seen this pop up on so many other blogs and in a couple of months I turn 27, so that means I have just over three years to do over thirty things… oh geez. Ummmmm so now to think of thirty things?!

1.  Run a half marathon and raise money for McMillan nurses.
2. Save super hard and buy a house. (Hopefully near the beach) Stumble upon my Mr right.
3.To have a job that I love… and that I’m proud of what I design!
4. To go to Sweden on holiday.
5. Ride a bike through the tulip fields in the Netherlands.
6.  Fall in love.
7. Replace my car with one that isn’t two tone! (Hopefully a vintage one.)
8. Get debt free.
9. Only buy clothes that I love!... not just ‘think’ I need.
10. Develop my own style more.

11. Get back to life drawing and improve my skills.
12. Illustrate a children’s book and put it forward for publication.
13.  Learn to be truly happy in myself. 
14. Develop a stronger relationship with my brother. 
15. Spend quality time with my goddaughters.
16. Become better at keeping in contact with old friends. 
17. Get my blog well known as a place for home d├ęcor / illustration/ fashion trends.
18. Walk the Pembrokeshire coastal path start to finish with Teal. 
19. Ring my Gran more and take more time to learn about her past. 
20. Go on a holiday with my Dad.

2    21. Learn to make sponge cakes that don’t sink in the middle.
      22. Visit Copenhagen for personal design inspiration.
      23. Take a trip to the isles of silly (camping).
      24.   Invest in a new pair of Celtic sheepskin boots (my old much loved pair lasted 3years!) 
      25. Arrange a girlie weekend with the girls from school.
      26. Start washing my hair every other day (instead of everyday, I’m sure I am drying it out.)
      27. Keep a sketch book, and do at least one doodle/illustration a week.
      28. Take a pottery/ceramics evening course. 
      29. Re learn how to knit (both machine and buy hand.)
      30.            this one I’ m saving …maybe something will inspire me??

Geez in just over 3 years I will be 30, I still find that odd. A lot has happened in the last 3 years and I wish I could have shared some of these moments with my Mum, who pasted away in June 2010. But I am a big believer in fate and what is meant to be will be… So I hope that luck is on my side and that the next 3 years will be a lot happier, hopefully some of my dreams will come true.

Well now I have 30 things to work towards and achieve and be proud of so here goes… wish me luck!