Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Saving the pennies...

The other day in work we were chatting about jars of pennies and counting them all up and taking them to the bank... but that is a bit boring! This idea is sooo much better... (and I really want to try it!)

A floor that sparkles and shines and just cost's pennies (probally lots and lots) I love the mix of old and new, the contrasts add to the sparkles! This has to be the best floor ever, and a fairly easy DIY job?

I'm guessing (but don't quote me...maybe do a bit of research if you want to do it)
- Clean and prep the floor, remove any old tacks and rubbish bits
- Check the quality/ level of the floor... if you need to use self leveling concrete.
- Sweep the floor again to clear and dust.
- Put down a floor glue, in sections.
- Lay out the pennies in random order (or a pattern if you have loop OCD)
- Wait for the glue to dry, grout the floor and wipe clean.
- Wipe, wipe and wipe again...
- Allow the grout to throughly dry.
- Coat the floor in a couple of layers of polyurethane varnish and let it dry rock hard!

It's a fun way to add abit of a difference to a room... texture, colour and sparkle! 
Check out this website for more info on doing your own...

I love the way the light reflects off the coins, it could be fun for a small space or a hallway... even more reason to save my pennies for a house!

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