Sunday, 24 February 2013

A royal cushion

After going through some pictures in files saved in random folders on my laptop, I found the 'Royal Cushion'... 

Back in 2009 ish after setting up my own company with the help of a loan from the Princess Trust, I was asked to attend a 'Ladies Day' at the local race course and to meet the Prince of Wales.  So I thought it would be rude not to make him a little some thing... so I made him a telephone box cushion, the perfect image of traditional british design.

A few pictures from the day and the red cord cushion that is now in one of the many royal homes. Charles was even polite enough to write me a thank you letter. (Well he didn't personally write it but it was from one of his many assistants.)  This cushion is one of my favouirtes, I love how simple the design is and the cord adds real texture. The designs are all free machine embroidered and still avaliable for sale if any one is intrested just drop me a comment.

Telephone box on 100% cotton

After developing this cushion one afternoon, I decided to make a little collection of traditional British icons... and three is a nice number so these two designs became firm favourites to sit along side the telephone box. It's a shame that these red telephone boxes are dying out, do you have a local one? I drive past one everyday on the way to work and it always makes me smile... good old british design.

Queens Guard on textured woven grid cotton.

London bus on 100% cotton.

Maybe I should make a London black cab to join the collection or the London skyline?


  1. Elspeth, I think the skyline would be great! I love these, you should sell them as a set....I'd certainly buy one as we have some London friends soon to emigrate out to Oz and these would make a great keepsake for them to take with them!

    I love your blog and wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out all the details here - I'd be thrilled if you could accept it?!

    Lulu x

  2. Ahh thank you, sounds like a great idea! Maybe I will work on a skyline over the weekend.

    Thank you for the nomination, I need to have read of your blog and see how it all works.

    Els x