Monday, 4 February 2013

Candy stripe sheets...

So after writing my 30before30 post, its made me think about things...silly things like as I changed my bed sheets tonight, I thought about number 19...

19.Ring my Gran more and take more time to learn about her past.

Often we forget about our closed family members and how we only know s much about them, Id love to know how my Gran fell in love with my Grandad, her child hood tales... all sorts. My gran is the queen of my family and I know i would be heart broken if there was things i always wanted to know but never took the time out to find out.

When I was little and we went to stay at my Grans I always had candy stripe super soft sheets and a pillow case with bunnies on (I was little!). Years later they are now in my laundry cupboard and still a favourite, they don't get used a huge amount but sometimes you need super soft cosy sheets. They obviously bring back memories for lots of people as a few companies have used old candy sheets as inspiration....

Washed out stripes similar to mine.

Toast have taken a washed out rustic earthy approach.
 The use of the olive is really against the peach and denim blue.

Cath kidston taking the classic look, in adding the bright highlight red and knocked back green.
The colours look really fresh against the soft grey pillows.

Cath Kidston take the range into towels to, I love this pallet its so fresh and clean.

The classic candy sheets with bright fun stripes...I wonder if mine ever used to look like this? 


  1. I'm moving soon and I want to treat myself to some new bedding. Love all these, I'm a big fan of stripes! xx

  2. Hey! Loving your blog've got a brilliant combination of themes going on. I am forever searching for new ideas on home decor and as an artist I am fascinated by your stuff on illustration. I think I may have to be one of your new followers too! Just need to work on my fashion/style sense now...maybe you can teach me all I need to learn haha!

    This post struck a chord with me as my Grannie was the queen of our family too, a proper matriarch and an amazing woman. Pretty much every day I think of things I would love to ask her or wish I'd talked to her about. She was born in 1913 so went through some massive times and had awesome stories. Cherish your Gran and ask away! Oh and my Grannie wrote a little post-it on the back of every family photo, painting or heirloom explaining who's it was or the story behind it. Genius, as there's now no one left who'd be able to tell us.

    Lulu xx PS love the pastel candy stripes!