Thursday, 7 February 2013

Freshwater east...

Last week, I decided to drive home to Pembrokeshire for the weekend... see family and just chill out. So a stupidly quick decision was made and I drove straight home mins after finishing work and it was well worth it and actually did me the world of good. Comfort food, cwtches with Teal, and walks on the beach... sometimes you need a Pembrokeshire weekend! 

On Sunday we went for a walk to Freshwater East beach, it's not my local beach and there are probably about 10 different beaches along the coast between Saundersfoot beach and Freshwater East but sometimes its nice to go somewhere a bit different...

I love how all the beaches in Pembrokeshire are so different... they say there are over 50 beaches just in Pembrokeshire...  I guess that makes it a good place too call home.

Look at this funny bit of drainpipe, its the first time I've seen one about, but after reading the tube in English not Welsh. I discovered it for fishing tackle flies...what a fab idea. It helps to keep the beach clean and keeps any sharp hooks away from dogs and little ones toes! Maybe they should roles these out nationally?

Look at the stunning colours in the cliff and rocks. The blue greys against the olive greens, warm forest greens all sitting happily along side the mauve and soft aubergine... nature is pretty good at making amazing colour palettes. I'm guessing the house on the hill is a holiday home?... Can you spot little Teal?

Dad and teal... 
Sunday the beach was full of people all taking their dogs out and getting a bit of fresh air.

Sand dunes.

Look at the three complete contrasts on one beach...

How much do you want to pay?... £1 or 5p... It's totally up to you... yes really! Take a read of the sign below, how much would you pay?

Pembrokeshire does beaches pretty well!

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