Saturday, 2 February 2013

30 Before 30...

30 before 30…

So I have seen this pop up on so many other blogs and in a couple of months I turn 27, so that means I have just over three years to do over thirty things… oh geez. Ummmmm so now to think of thirty things?!

1.  Run a half marathon and raise money for McMillan nurses.
2. Save super hard and buy a house. (Hopefully near the beach) Stumble upon my Mr right.
3.To have a job that I love… and that I’m proud of what I design!
4. To go to Sweden on holiday.
5. Ride a bike through the tulip fields in the Netherlands.
6.  Fall in love.
7. Replace my car with one that isn’t two tone! (Hopefully a vintage one.)
8. Get debt free.
9. Only buy clothes that I love!... not just ‘think’ I need.
10. Develop my own style more.

11. Get back to life drawing and improve my skills.
12. Illustrate a children’s book and put it forward for publication.
13.  Learn to be truly happy in myself. 
14. Develop a stronger relationship with my brother. 
15. Spend quality time with my goddaughters.
16. Become better at keeping in contact with old friends. 
17. Get my blog well known as a place for home décor / illustration/ fashion trends.
18. Walk the Pembrokeshire coastal path start to finish with Teal. 
19. Ring my Gran more and take more time to learn about her past. 
20. Go on a holiday with my Dad.

2    21. Learn to make sponge cakes that don’t sink in the middle.
      22. Visit Copenhagen for personal design inspiration.
      23. Take a trip to the isles of silly (camping).
      24.   Invest in a new pair of Celtic sheepskin boots (my old much loved pair lasted 3years!) 
      25. Arrange a girlie weekend with the girls from school.
      26. Start washing my hair every other day (instead of everyday, I’m sure I am drying it out.)
      27. Keep a sketch book, and do at least one doodle/illustration a week.
      28. Take a pottery/ceramics evening course. 
      29. Re learn how to knit (both machine and buy hand.)
      30.            this one I’ m saving …maybe something will inspire me??

Geez in just over 3 years I will be 30, I still find that odd. A lot has happened in the last 3 years and I wish I could have shared some of these moments with my Mum, who pasted away in June 2010. But I am a big believer in fate and what is meant to be will be… So I hope that luck is on my side and that the next 3 years will be a lot happier, hopefully some of my dreams will come true.

Well now I have 30 things to work towards and achieve and be proud of so here goes… wish me luck!


  1. Great list! Love the quote at the top of the post as well. xx

  2. great list! I turn 30 in march- I dare not make one as I'll run out of time to finish it haha! xx

  3. thank you ladies! Im actually really excited to start my list eeek ....which one to do first? any suggestions? x

  4. Els, this is lovely....

    three years before I'mm 55 (OMG)!! maybe I should make a list? You have inspired me to... :)