Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Feeling fruity

 So the Summer is here and we should all be feasting on fruit and not chocolate (lets just say my day isn't going to that way today.) We have been very lucky that the sun has had his hat on most of the last couple of months.

The fruits are at their brightest and juiciest, so all the graphics in the shops are feeling fruity. Not just the food stores... retail stores across the country are filled with cute little fruit prints and fruity inspired garments. These are a few of  my fave at the moment...

 How cute is this little happy pineapple, all sunshine and smiles...

 Citrus fun with smiles all round at this little cute tee. Faces are all over the high street either on their own or as fun little characters... this little watercolour is perfect for holidays.

This little apple knit is simple and almost scandinavian, Boden are the queens of simple graphics in playful colours. Perfect for any little girl and everyone knows a apple a day is always good!

We can't leave the little boys out, so the apple has gone cool! So I guess you can say being healthy can be cool? It funny how often when companies often try and make fruit and veg look 'cool' it just looks ummm... not so cool at all. But the guys at Emile et Ida have nailed it perfectly... Simple but cool graphic, on a raw edge raglan tee.
Emile et Ida

I love this its fun, sexy and colourful...what more should the holidays be?

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Cool places... Unit 51 Liverpool

So for a while last year I used to write about cool places I have discovered or that I thought deserved a shout out. So its Sunday and I'm back blogging so I guess its time for a new ''Cool Places Sunday...''

Place... Unit 51.

Unit 51
Baltic creative
Jamaica Street
L1 0AF


So one afternoon when I was a little homesick a few months ago, I decided to go on a drive around the city and discover some cool places... places that were off the beaten track and not the usual chain cafes... which is I  discovered Jamaica Street.  A street full of up and coming companies all based in warehouse buildings, but in the middle of the street is Unit 51 a cafe, and warehouse unit full of design studios.

The coffee is strong. The vibe is relaxed.  Industrial meets laid back. The food is come cooked and earthy... its a nice place to hang out..

The ordering counter

Scaffolding tables and school chairs

Strong ground coffee

Fluffy cake

Chip board walls

Chilled quiet early mornings... shhh

This place has got the cool factor and is my new local. x

Sunday, 4 May 2014



I know its been ages since I last blogged. I have been a super busy bee the last few months, but its bank holiday weekend and it seams like the perfect time to get back into blogging. This pic I took last weekend seams to be the perfect thing to start with...

I was on the way back from having breekie with my home buddies. A group of us that grows but some how seams to stay close. No need for make up, to do your hair and we are all always late. Conversation always turns rude and their are no airs and graces. A night out is a meal at the village pub followed by a few pints. Mainly smelly boys with a sprinkling of us girls but its our group and its right... flip flops and poached eggs sums us up!

There always seams to be so much pressure as a girl to rock up like you've come out of a magazine... but I think this picture sums up how I think girls should be...

Curvy like country roads. Happy like yellow fields. Natural and chilled like the sea.

no filters.. natures true colours x