Thursday, 30 August 2012

Locals only!

When I saw this t-shirt it made me giggle, here in Pembrokeshire we only have a week or two left of the tourists!

When people come on holiday to Pembrokeshire I’m sure they loose all common sense…

1     They walk out into the road with out looking.
2      They never use the crossings! They always cross 10meters in front of behind it.
3      They look at locals like we are aliens.
4      They drive round the one way systems the wrong way.
5      They take half the beach into every cafĂ© and restaurant.
6      They get annoyed at the locals when it rains as if it is our fault.
7      They forget how to control their kids.
8      … But they do bring money into the area! So I guess we have to be nice to them!

But I do love it when the village is quiet and it’s just the locals getting on with normal day to day life! Even if sometimes I do hate the way everyone knows every ones business…

Tee from

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Summer season

Its funny to think that the summer season is nearly up! Where I live the village revolves around the tourist season…beaches, ice cream, cafes and fish and chips!

I can’t believe how bad the weather has been, normally by this point in the season everyone has that nice sunkissed look but instead everyone is pasty white!

It has just been a summer full of rain and ups and downs… So I decided to design a tiny collection that reminds me of the ‘good old summers’. When the days were sunny, 99 ice creams actually cost 99p and it was all about trips to the seaside and beach huts.

So here is a tiny sneeky peek...

Mood board... Beach babes

Look at the cute printed jeans!

Nod to the classic nautical.

Seaside holiday...

All designs are copyrighted © Elspeth Morris 2012

Boat names

Teal and I walk round the harbour most nights, now that dogs are not allowed on the beaches… It’s a summer season thing. Most nights I walk round the harbour attached to my phone, catching up with one of the girls or in a daze thinking about life. But today I got drawn in my some of the names on the boats.

Naming boats started donkey's years ago and it is thought that it is because of fear and superstition that people gave their boats different names. Most people now name their boats after something they think will bring them luck?! Here is just a tiny selection that caught my eye...

Rustybucket, you know its a real 'project'.

Love this one, especially with the pembrokeshire puffin.

Guessing its a family member?

This always makes me giggle, especially as you can imagine the tourists trying to say it.

A few more...

Sometimes I do take it for granted where I live, especially as this is just minutes from my family home. ...

But I love the fact that this part of my daily life and this is Teals regular walk. Is it bad that she knows the route off by heart? I think she also loves all the attention she gets of the tourists! As normally some kid will say, 'ahh look at the cute dog'. Straight away here tail starts wagging and she walks along as if to say 'I live here!' hehe

Little miss teal!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Flying the British flag

So the Olympics are over, and now everyone is ready for the Paralympics. I always think it’s odd how they are completely separate events. Sure everyone understands the sports, races, games are slightly different and that they each need their own matches. But why can they not run the to games parallel?

Have a mixed opening ceremony, etc. The Paralympic athletes have worked just has hard if not harder. Surly by leaving such time between the two games it means that the Paralympics wont enjoy half of the support and fuss of the main Olympics?

But it’s nice to see that people are still flying the British flag with pride…

The Blue Lias Pub in Stockton, Warwickshire

Cutlery in Blooms & Beverages in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

The Glebe in Tenby, Pembrokeshire

As everyone else is getting in to the British spirit I thought maybe I should to, so here is a British flag inspired by summer days…even if this British summer isn’t very sunny! What do you think?

Yellow fields design.
All designs are copyrighted © Elspeth Morris 2012