Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Flying the British flag

So the Olympics are over, and now everyone is ready for the Paralympics. I always think it’s odd how they are completely separate events. Sure everyone understands the sports, races, games are slightly different and that they each need their own matches. But why can they not run the to games parallel?

Have a mixed opening ceremony, etc. The Paralympic athletes have worked just has hard if not harder. Surly by leaving such time between the two games it means that the Paralympics wont enjoy half of the support and fuss of the main Olympics?

But it’s nice to see that people are still flying the British flag with pride…

The Blue Lias Pub in Stockton, Warwickshire

Cutlery in Blooms & Beverages in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

The Glebe in Tenby, Pembrokeshire

As everyone else is getting in to the British spirit I thought maybe I should to, so here is a British flag inspired by summer days…even if this British summer isn’t very sunny! What do you think?

Yellow fields design.
All designs are copyrighted © Elspeth Morris 2012

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