Thursday, 30 August 2012

Locals only!

When I saw this t-shirt it made me giggle, here in Pembrokeshire we only have a week or two left of the tourists!

When people come on holiday to Pembrokeshire I’m sure they loose all common sense…

1     They walk out into the road with out looking.
2      They never use the crossings! They always cross 10meters in front of behind it.
3      They look at locals like we are aliens.
4      They drive round the one way systems the wrong way.
5      They take half the beach into every cafĂ© and restaurant.
6      They get annoyed at the locals when it rains as if it is our fault.
7      They forget how to control their kids.
8      … But they do bring money into the area! So I guess we have to be nice to them!

But I do love it when the village is quiet and it’s just the locals getting on with normal day to day life! Even if sometimes I do hate the way everyone knows every ones business…

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