Sunday, 2 September 2012

Clashing brights

There is something about red and pink together… the clashing element, the fact that they are both bright happy colours or just the way they are both very girly!

But lately I’m rather taken by bright bold clashing colours, they way they bounce off each other. Normally i find they look best against clean white or jet black. Maybe as you then focus purely on the colour and not the other elements?!

Natural clashing brights

I love these cupboard doors against the bare wood of the kitchen table.

Feature wall every girly girl wants!

Barbie pink and lipstick red together…what do you think? I think the colours have to be of even hues for them to bounce well of each other. Both colours have such a expected image about them...

Barbie pink...young, girly, Innocent, playful, fun

Lipstick red... bold, seductive, strong, powerful, in control

But together they make a whole new idea of fun, flirty and womanly.

Image from Design sponge

How fab is this print by Tracy Jenkins. I love the simplicity of it.

Fun with my nails.

Sarah Jessica Parker looking great in a clashing outfit.

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