Friday, 21 September 2012

Industrial love

Over the last few years we have all seen or been part of the recycle / make do and mend / up cycle trend.  I have all ways had a bit of an eye for old furniture, the pieces that needs a bit of love…especially as it then means that you are buying or finding your furniture with added character and style. Like my new table I wrote about last week. Don’t worry I don’t mean the crap furniture that is ex flat pack and is now warped and falling apart!

I really like the use of industrial pieces within homes; I don’t think you could do your whole home out in industrial furniture, as it would be very over empowering.  I like the raw, battered, rusty look of industrial pieces, especially against a clean white fresh modern home. Partly due to the strong contrasts, scale and the individual look that it gives a home.

Like I have said before I think everyone’s homes should be individual and personal to them…telling a story.

Back in 2009 I spent a lot of time working in Vietnam. Where I was designing childrenswear for a few large retailers and boutique brands. My office was above the factory floor, and the factory was a real part of my working life, as well as capturing a piece of my heart.

Every factory is different but no matter what they are producing, I find them to be clever fascinating places. Maybe this is part of the reason I have a love of industrial pieces reused in the home?

Love how chunk this table is, not so sure on the mix and match wall paper!

Check out the fab handles on this cupboard! Would be perfect in a teenage boys room. Love the contrast between the cupboard and the white chair.

Love this, especially all the corner plates and huge wheels.

Fun set of lockers, I like the way they have up cycled them with the numbers 
and one red door... maybe something special is kept in there? or maybe its just plates!

How fab is this old warehouse, this would be a great place to live!

Steel filling cabinets and sorting desk, looks great.
I definitely think it is more about decor than purpose?!

 These candle holders are fun for a guys place? But we all know guys hate candles!
I think they are kinda cool though.

Love these! These have to be the ultimate stools! 

Would you have these in your home?...Please don't be boring and say they would be dangerous with kids and fingers!...The kids would get to grow up in a cool design lead home with a fun and ever changing exciting environment!

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