Monday, 10 September 2012

Tonning up

Lately my life has been full of ups and downs…  I am on the dreaded job hunt.

As some of you may know I am a childrenswear designer, and jobs in the industry seam to be like gold dust at the moment, unless you want to jet off to Dubai… Which I don’t !… I have done the ‘expat’ thing and loved every crazy minute of it, in both Vietnam and Bali. But now I want to be based in the UK, with easy access to family, god daughters and good friends.

Pembrokeshire is one of those places where you can’t ‘be’ a childrenswear designer…Pembrokeshire is its own little world, full of amazing beaches, crazy cafes and fab pubs, but no fashion or textile companies are based here. So my boxes are packed and for the right job I am ready to jump in and move straight away!... Until that day I am keeping my self busy working other jobs and improving my fitness…

The last few months I have got back into swimming in a big way going 4 plus times a week. I go to a small private pool, which is generally quiet and always warm. I have found that swimming is the perfect time to think about everything going on in life, as well as seeing pounds drop off me… I’ve never been bigger than a size 8/10, but I am now back to feeling great in a size 8 and toned. I’m swimming in between half a mile and ¾ of a mile each time I go… so its long enough to go through stuff in my head but not long enough to get bored.

‘When you look better you feel better’  The new girl… E4  (I'm sat watching it)
A pic of me at a recent wedding... dress from

I have also been doing the odd run thrown in between when I am not swimming. This tends to give my lungs a good work out. Aswell as getting a bit of air and ‘walking’ Teal…. Although after the first half of the run she gets tired as she only has tiny legs.  Normally shortly after this my iPod dies or I feel sorry for Teal and turn round.... I know must do better!

But today I got persuaded by a work mate to try Boxercise! I didn’t have any idea of what to think…and after I agreed to it this morning I did think, oh god what have I let myself in for! I shouldnt have worried it was a fun busy class. With a good range of activities but not to many, that you can't remember what you are ment to be doing and then look like the new kids! 

It was good to have Kerrie instructing the fitness levels, and pushing each one of us to own strengths and needs. After spending the majority of my swims and runs on my own, (which I actually quiet enjoy) it was nice to enjoy a class with others. The class was mixed ability and mixed sex, which I always think is good as it pushes you to work that little bit harder.  I will definitely be going back as I felt that it has filled my tone ball gap, (my Cardiff fitness love!) It's nice to get that frustration out, work hard and feel good at the end of it.

I’m not doing this fitness to really loose any weight but I just want to feel happy with myself and maybe tone up a little bit … so I thought I deserved a nice treat while I write this…

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