Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Different Denim

Denim with a difference… Denim lately seams to getting more and more different.

We all know how hard it is to find that perfect pair of jeans! The ones that make you feel fab whenever you put them on...they wash well...they always look good and you can dress them up or down.

For me my perfect skinny jean is the ‘Leigh super soft’ from Topshop. They wash well and fit great! At the moment while we have the warm weather, I can roll them up to 7/8 length teaming them with my warn flip flips. My jeans are lightly darker than the ones below, more of a raspberry/ plum ish colour but they have the same fit and make me feel great! I think during the winter months they will be good with a classic chunky knit and a pair of chocolate brown leather knee high boots…which I am yet to find…surprise surprise!

Leigh super soft 'rose' jean Topshop.com

Everywhere you look at the moment the high street is doing something different with denim, from dip dye to studding... Is it the industry trying to keep it fresh or is it us the consumers demanding something new and exciting?!

How ever much the high street change and develop denim, will we always kept that classic pair of jeans in the back of our wardrobe? I love the great shape of these kick flare jeans, they way they will never go out of fashion, the simple cut and detailing in the topstiching... I used to have a pair like this that I lived in. But over time they got covered in paint, the knees tore, the bottom hems ripped to shreds and they lbecame my work jeans. I'm sad to say on Sunday they went in the bin... their day was over!

Artist jean from American Eagle.com

Over the last few seasons denim shorts have become part of every girls wardrobe, but no longer are they the old cut offs!  Now everyone is wearing them layered with pretty tights or leggings. Not forgetting them as a festival staple with thick long socks, patterned wellies, icon tee and rain mac.

These shorts are kinda cute with the softened studs and washed out black denim. I like the way the line of the pocket is heavily studded and the backs are completely plain. A nice nod to the 'leather/ rock' trend with out being over the top. Easy to wear and could be cute for a night on the town.

Grey high waisted studded short, Miss Selfridge.com

What is going on with these shorts?! I hate them, I don't know if that is just me being 'old'. But they look like the person has just wet them selves and then wanted to hid the terrible yellow stain by adding a few crazy studs to one side?! I know the dip dye trend is massive, and I like it but im not so sure on these... sorry.

Moto Stud dip dye shorts, Topshop.com

Again i'm not sure on the whole 'grannies table cloth' look. Maybe I am just not bold enough to carry off this look? I guess they are the shorts if you are looking to make a statement or be seen to be 'cool' and 'on trend'.

High waisted crochet short, Miss Selfridge.com

This denim dress on another note is very cute with the printed tiny all over stars, and open back. Would have been a fab dress to own if we had had a hot summer...this has to be the perfect 'day date' dress.
 I love the way the back reminds me of many dresses being designed and sampled while I was living and working in Bali. I love watching how different trends develop and how shapes travel around the world.. but that is a whole different blog post.

Star dress, Miss Selfridge.

And lastly a different take on the denim shirt, I love the colour of it but I'm not sure on the white collar...I think it is because it reminds me of those horrific mens blue striped shirts with the white collars. You know the types that only posh wannabe twits wear!! But im sure with a nice pair of black skinnies, heels and a chunky necklace anyone could carry off this girly number...

Pink denim shirt, Topshop.com

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