Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Teen fashion

Teen fashion is always one of an issue between parents and teens. The teens want the latest fashion and often in shapes or styles that are not yet appropriate. But of course they want to look like their favourite celeb or older peers.

Many retailers often produce the same collection for youngsters as they do for teens. This makes it a hard collection to get right. Developing a collection to suit all ages often across a ten-year age gap.
For a lot of parents it’s a hard time, as they are still the ones in charge of the purse stings and are very aware that there child is growing up fast and no longer their young and innocent child.

Below is a little collection that I put together for the teen market, based on the value retailer market.
7-14years age bracket. Transitional collection... Mood board

Geek fun, bright bold colours and animal inputs.

A quick doodle outlinning the collection vibe

Graphic tees, printed leggings and washed dark denim short to layer.
Large scale graphic heart print, patterned pu belt and mini purse embroidered bag.

Jersey woven slash neck tunic,worn denim 7/8 jeans.  
Loop back jersey sweat top with printed graphic and printed heart jeans.

Yellow fields design.
All designs are copyrighted © Elspeth Morris 2012

What do you think? Would your teenage daughter wear these?
 I love this palette, especially as its girly but not babyish!

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