Wednesday, 12 September 2012

White walls

White, white and more white! I love white homes; they look so fresh and clean.  Whether it’s an old quirky place with character or a new build.

Its funny how the décor of somewhere can either make you feel straight away at home or on tender hooks the whole time! More and more people are taking pride in their homes and keeping them as up to date with the trends, as they are their own clothes.

I have a real thing about white cotton/fabric sofas at the moment; I think it is because they take up so much of a living room that the colour makes a big impact. By having white walls and sofa/furniture it means that you can play with statement coloured furniture. As well as being able to change cushions, throws and even rugs to suit your mood or season.

Back when I was in Art College, years ago! I had a friend who had a huge love of white décor and even painted her floors white! I used to think she was mad, how it would be cold possibly even sterile… but definitely not! Her and her partner have always had great taste when it comes to homes, and been slightly ahead of home décor trends…they have just had polished concrete floors laid, and even had a home magazine spread done about their last ‘project’ home… when I get my hands on a copy I will share it with you all.

Well let’s just say since then I have come round to the whole white home thing… although I do like to chuck in a cheeky splash of colour as well!

ideahome magazine

destire to inspire

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