Sunday, 16 September 2012


I love how fashions change from season to season, and how each season has that key shape and colour. That you just ‘have’ to be seen in…if you’re a fashion magazine clone that is.

Most of us love to follow the trends, but either don’t want to look like clones of the catwalk or cant afford to re-do our wardrobes every 6weeks. So for most of us up dating our wardrobes with a few quality key pieces, is an easy way to keep individual style but keep it fresh and up to date.

So this season… Autumn/Winter 12 13 is Burgundy! It’s everywhere on the high street, and in every shape and fabric going! From outerwear to underwear, nothing like having on trend undies!  

Here is a little mood board I have but together to show a basic palette.

A mini collection I designed to match this key trend...

 Few jersey basics to link in...

Yellow fields design.
All designs are copyrighted © Elspeth Morris 2012

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