Sunday, 23 September 2012

Across the ages

It is so important for collections in stores to look tight... so that you can pick up any garment from the collection and it should happliy sit with most other pieces, without the customer thinking...Oh I like that but what would I wear it with?!

In general if you keep palettes small and prints feeling similar, then the collections work. In most stores you will find that teens down to newborns are all displayed in the same area. Normally for the different ages they will all steam from the same trend but just be adapted and colours slightly altered to suit each age bracket. This in turn means the store looks great and makes an impact. Customers can then see enough of a difference to see each age bracket as its own collection.

Here is bits from a winter collection I have been working on...showing 'older girls' and 'baby'. Below is the mood board breakdown for older girls knitted accesories.

Knitted hat and scarf set

This is then the same trend taken on and developed for a much younger market 'Baby'. The colours are slightly softer and the prints are bolder and and still fun. But in both collections you will see real tight palettes and prints/knit patterns coming from cwtches and cuddles!
Cwtch is a welsh word used for a mix of a cuddle and a hug...

Baby outerwear garments

Yellow fields design.
All designs are copyrighted © Elspeth Morris 2012

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