Friday, 7 September 2012


Okay so I have to admit it… I have a thing about chairs!  I know I’m 26 and I should have a thing about shoes…but that’s not me.

It’s a good job I don’t have my own house because it would be filled with random old chairs. All from different places, with different characters and in different colours!

If it wasn’t for my brother and his wife giving me their old sofa, I don’t think I would buy one!  I would fill my living room with old comfy big armchairs that you could curl up and imagine their past.  Last night I found the most amazing chair, a big teal arm chair…perfect statement piece, with a great shape. But I really had to be sensible and tell myself that it isn’t the right time to invest! …As for the chair I would love to show it to you but I really really don’t want anyone else to buy it so I am keeping it a secret where I saw it, sorry!

There is something about modern furniture that doesn’t have the same charm; everyone has rooms full of ikea pieces and the odd next sofa! I want my house to have character and a personality of its own…but not be too arty farty! Don’t get me wrong ikea is great for some bits but some people just go that step to far and recreate the catalogue in their own front room.

So here are a few chairs I am loving at the moment… and yes when I do get my own place I would like to have a big old dinning room table filled with random chairs none of which match!

Balmoral chair from

Old school chairs from

 Love the raw industrial look of these against the leather seat and back.

Ideal reading nook, kinda like the random orange section too!

John Reeves 'Arthur cane' chair, made by a friend of mine...very comfy to!

Fab dinning set, classic and clean. image from

How fab are these?! Don't they remind you of camping trips and adventures...
See told you I have a thing about chairs!!

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