Thursday, 13 September 2012

Feature wall

So yesterday I talked about adding in that bit of colour to white rooms.

For the last 18 months plus the feature wall in my bedroom has been coral, with the rest of the walls being white. But this morning lying in bed, I randomly decided I didn’t like it any more and wanted to update it! … So not being one to hang around, on the way to work I brought Barbie pink paint! Sometimes you just have to go with your gut instinct, either that or match it with the colour of your nail varnish!

My current nail varnish

So Barbie pink it is… don’t panic though the rest of my room is white! With white bedding and drawers, the same as before.

Once in work I decided we needed a clear out, so I gutted the back yard and happened to come across two beautiful old tables! (my lucky day) One I used for displaying new products in the shop and the other I washed down and brought home.

Everyone in work thought I was nutty, falling for this dirty old table! But look how great it is! Full of character, brass number plate, solid chunky wooden top and great legs!

Warn old top

Brass plate No.2

After work I quickly got to re-painting the coral wall pink. Which actually didn’t take to long, even with three coats. I knew with a bit of TLC that I could turn the table into something good and give it a good home… and look how great it looks against my hot pink wall! Lets just say the mission carrying it up the stairs was worth it! Now I just need to make some new white curtains this week.

Green against the pink, great unplanned project. 

It's not the best picture, but it is a sneaky peak till I make the curtains next week.

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