Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Outfit Tuesday

A lot of fashion bloggers, blog about their day to day outfits. That’s not really me, so I have decided to still have a nod towards the 'fashion blogger' thing, but to do it in my own way!

Each Tuesday I will up load a doodle / fashion illustration to do with that days outfit. Whether it’s the jewellery, accessories, make up or clothing. So ill start with a doodle of me in todays outfit… Brora top layered over a Topshop vest top and skinny worn Topshop jeans. With my elephant pendant that I picked up from a Bali backstreet market, and now hang on a long gold broken chain.

Doddle done in watercolours and pencil crayons.

I like how Brora tops wash so well.  I have three in different colours, brown, green and blue. I picked them up while designing some of their baby clothes while I was based in Vietnam working for Albetta.  
I have had all three tops for over 4years but they all look as good as new, I think this is due to their lovely fabric content and great fit. Although they are fairly thin tops they are warm and great to layer on those days when you know the weather is going to do its own thing! www.brora.co.uk

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