Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Neon signs...

Typography is constantly changing within the art word to stay fresh and now it has gone neon! Art in the home is often revolved around words and phrases that are motivational or make us smile. These are no exception but they are just a bit brighter and will definetly be a talking point in any home or office.

Neon lighting signs are the new thing in interior spaces, used in new and exciting ways...often with unexpected words and phrases. I love these and think it would be fab in any house, especially a bedroom...

I love this, the way the neon gives of the rays of light is almost dreamy.

From the norm, '1hour photo' shop sign to the 'Beautiful' sign.
It's really fun the contrast between the bright clean lighting and the bare plaster wall of the 'lucky' sign. 

A spot of colour... www.gavinbrown.biz

Life can take you anywhere and I think this sums it up, its really nice against the wood planks... 
is it the contrast in texture?

Neon romance!  Oh this bedroom is perfect, fab wall art, fresh white sheets, white walls and furniture with character and charm... and a little dog... Teal of course!
Kiss sign... www.3badmice.com

Neon and modern art combine. What it is ment to represent I'm not sure but it's kinda cool.

How fun is this! Would be fab in a kitchen...brighten up and boring leftovers tea! Love the colours to...

Another kitchen sign... is this an up and comming trend? 
Watch this space... I definetly think it is going somewhere and you heard it here first!


  1. wow,love these romantic signs. Beautiful! :)


  2. I like Neon signs for decoration! If I find cute ones like these I will definitely be purchasing!

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  4. The neon signs look very hip in the pics! Instead of clashing with the interiors, it added a very vibrant feel to the whole image. I'm definitely considering using neon signs as home accents. Maybe I'll put one up in my room!

    Justin @ CrownNeonSigns.com