Tuesday, 29 January 2013

They've got style...

This week I decided to pick out two little pretty ladies to blog out. Sarah Jessica Parker's 3 year old twin girls... Marion and Tabitha.

They definitely have inherited their Mum's stylish ways with every outfit coordinated and often coordinating as a pair. Maybe its the fact that they are growing up on the west side of New York, maybe it is who there mum is. I bet they have boutiques and brands desperate for these little ladies to wear their brand...these to girls are bound to be ladies to watch in the future.

Generally I am not a fan of twins wearing matching out fits but these to little ladies do it so well with just the one item...like the fab coats below.

This is a really nice winter pallet that you often don't see on girls, but it is girly, pretty and almost warm with the creamy peaches and pink highlights. Sarah and the girls clearly love this look to rocking it out in three separate looks and seasons...When you know what look works stick to it... especially when this proves it works for all ages.

Just chilling out with Mum rocking the classic look.

These colours are adorable! I love the fact that they have such bright fun happy coloured coats that both clash and work so well together... Good choice Sarah Jessica Parker, you were not cast as Carrie for no reason. It's is nice to see celeb children in real play clothes rather than silly unpractical posh things.

How cosy do they all look in their knitted cardigans, grey is such a practical colour as it goes with everything and gives a softer look than navy or black.

Mummy cardigan... www.celticandco.co.uk (quick as it is in sale)
Little girls cardigan... www.cheekymonkeyskids.co.uk   

Mum and her mini biker girls.

I love this picture! How cute is this?! Maybe its because I was a dolly girl, I even had dolly twins... (they were exactly the same dolly, except one was white and one was black... I got one one Christmas and one the next!) My mum even made me matching pjs to my dolly's, and I took them everywhere with me. 


  1. These are all great outfits!


  2. so lovely twins!
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