Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sexy stairs...

I know I have a major thing about chairs and the impact they can make on a place but …. I have also started collecting ideas of things to do with stairs!!... I know I’m still renting a place but I have a little deposit pot that is slowly very slowly growing…so one day hopefully sooner than later I will have stairs to do up as I want!

Many people just whack down some cream carpet, paint the walls are boring neutral colour and think done! But not me… wait till you see all the amazing things that other people have done with their stairs from colour to storage. There is a whole world of ideas and inspiration to choose from!

First lets look at the banisters… I love this idea! (Ahh that phrase might be used a lot in this post, sorry!)  This creates a great impact with the strong bright colours but you would need to keep the rest of the area very clean and bright. This is definitely an idea that would only work on a open stairs. You know it would make people smile though as they walked in to your home!

 Colour fading.

Block colour.

Above are just a tiny selection of painted stairs. Normally if people are going to paint them they just paint them white, but I thought that the image on the bottom right was a fun play on this. I love how the  bright walls and banister make the stairs look even brighter... although...being practical... If you had a family wouldn't they get really marked and dirty? Mind you I don't think that would stop me as it looks great!

I also really like the top left image as it makes great impact. You would have to be careful what colour,  you picked to paint the stairs as you wouldn't want it to look to dark. Maybe again this is the reason for painting the surrounding walls in white.

The other two images are keeping it quiet classic with a contemporary twist. The blue stairs are definitely a little more edgy but the olive is a lovely colour that would probably wear better over time? Both definitely a job for someone with a roll of masking tape and a steady hand!

Fading Stairs...Cute and very easy! 

Just painting the flat section of the stairs. This is a great way of testing if the stairs can hold a bright bold colour. Again I think the rest of the area would have to be painted in a different light bright colour for maximum impact. I love the simplicity of this, compared to the impact it makes!

Pantone stairs...I saw this done at a design agency a few weeks ago and it was very effective. Although I imagine it would be a nightmare to get the printers to print the exact shade... I know if it was my house I would be keen to get the stairs to match up perfectly to their shade card! This is possibly a stairs that would only be appreciated by design/graphics people?

How fun is this! Especially for families with little ones learning to count. Personally I prefer the numbers to the text. But if the family was multi-lingual it could be a nice way to get the different languages into there home life, and become art?

Wall paper or patterned stairs. I love the different levels of colour on each stair but they all sit together so well, this would be a great project for any surface pattern designer! This idea could also be done buy using old patterned tiles...Which would be easy to mop clean (me being old before my time!)

I love these! They make me smile, you know they would put you in a good mood everyday! I don't know if they would be a bit overpowering on a open stairs? Maybe they would be better on a open stairs in different colours?...but I still love them.

And lastly disco stairs! My god daughters would love these...every girl needs a bit of sparkle in life! See stairs can be sexy!


  1. I LOVE the disco stairs! Surprisingly, they don't look super tacky. Awesome.


    1. Yeah they are fun hey! Plus you know if you had those in your house you would always smile at them!

  2. I love thst third last photo! That pattern is beautiful. So much lovely inspiration xo

  3. I loooove stair art! I totally want to do that some day. :)

  4. Thanks girls, I can't wait to get a house now...best get saving my pennies x