Thursday, 24 January 2013

Illustration Thursday...Betsi's book

Next month is one of my God Daughters birthday and she will be 4! Thats a big thing when you are only 3 at the moment...being four means you can run faster, jump higher and most importantly you are even better at twirling like a ballerina! 

I didn't really want to buy her silly plastic toys that will be played with for a week or two then left in the toy box. So the other night while I sat infront of the telly with a glass of vino, a pencil and blank paper... I started to doodle and this little girl appeared...and the curly twirly hair reminded me of Betsi. After a few sheets of paper and a number of doodles a little story developed.

Betsi's Birthday story... I can't give to much away beacause it is a scecret...ready for her birthday...and I am hoping to get it printed into a nice book she can keep. The illustrations need tweeking and they are not the best pictures of the pages...but here is a sneeky peek!

Play time in the bath, with Mummy's help to wash her hair!

Birthday food made by Daddy!

I think / hope it will turn out to be super cute and possibly become a bedtime favourite? x 

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  1. Aww! The illustrations are so cute! What a perfect idea for a gift, I have always loved children's stories I might have to do this myself when there are little ones in the family! :) x