Friday, 11 January 2013

Knitted home...

It's super chilly here in Warwickshire, and we are predicted snow for Sunday! Eeek.. I love snow days but I am meant to be flying to Amsterdam in the early hours of Monday morning.

When its cold it makes you want to curl up with a strong coffee, eat yummy homemade puddings and cuddle up under blankets! Look at these brilliant large-scale chunky knits! I love them… make me want to remember how to knit... my Gran has taught me a few times, and with a bit of practice I could probably pick up my needles.

The scale definitely brings these up to trend, often knitted blankets look dated and mismatched but the scale adds a fun element. Most of the ones I have seen on the market have all been in plain colours... creating maximum impact...think this could be something to add to my list of things to try.. maybe I will aim to have it knitted for next Autumn hehe.

You can by the pattern to knit this cable balnket from, Lunky Hanks

Conran, lovely bright chunky throws.

The more laid back approach from,

Knit inspired chairs...

 Knitted cube from

Stunning stool by Claire-Anne O'Brien

Biknit chair, sells for just £4,210! Patricia Urquiola for Moroso.

I love this chair, especially as it is not over the top. The scale and technique behind the knit almost makes it look a little industrial... I think I need to find an industrial space and convert it in to my home, filling it with all these amazing and unique chairs.

This radiator inspired by knitwear and was designed by Kelly Jenkins who graduated a couple of years before me from the same art college... West Wales School of the Arts, in Carmarthen.


  1. Those woolen chairs look soo nice and cosy! Yum :)
    New follower from the blog hop, nice to meet you!

  2. Hello, Thanks for following!
    I know the chairs look fab don't they. x