Tuesday, 22 January 2013

She's got style... Fearne Cotton

After listening to Fearne on the radio and hearing her ups and downs, I love how she is always honest with her listeners. Telling them about her relationships, cats and of course most importantly baking! But she is also very well known for her individual style.... It is quite hard to describe in one word, as she has a real knack of mixing styles and eras all in one outfit she just happens to pull off. It's kinda... pretty shapes, vintage accessories, high fashion with a laid back approach and a load of rock chic chucked in to the mix...but she's got style! Even when she is preggers...Go Fearne!

Evenings on the red carpet.
This stunning dip dye floral dress is from House of Hackney. I bet it cost a arm and a leg but it is fab...girly and very pretty without being pink! It definitely shows off her bump very well.

Ombre coat and chilled out beanie...not forgetting the celeb sunnies.

I hope it is cake in those tins and bags! Tight palettes hold a mix of styles together to create fun outfits. With oversized blazers for cover ups, easy to wear as her baby bump grows! Fun faded florals and acid wash jeans are a great look no matter what the season.

Chunky knits, what every pregnant lady needs in the chilly winter. How cute is the over sized bobble knit jumper on the left. Fearne definitely isn't dropping her style during her pregnancy.

In alot of of the outfits Fearne has be photographed in involve black, maybe because its easy to wear. It also finishes off and smartens up any outfit. If its a jacket, bag or simple pair of leggings...maybe this should be the tip of the week?!... if you need to pull an outfit together, add black.

I love how Fearne has kept her indiviudal style througho out her pregancy and I'm sure when the little one is born that will also be a mini me to follow in the world of new trend setters. Enjoy being a Mummy with style Fearne x

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