Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dip dye dresses

Last night I was looking at the new Spring/Summer collection at Next.  I spotted this one dress and it made me think how in front of the times we were back when I was designing in Bali. Its funny how long fashion takes to travel round the world and get to the uk high street.

In 2009 I designed for a fab boutique Australian brand called ‘Little Horn’. They are based out in Bali and manufacture the entire product there. Their clothes are definitely not the normal safe kids clothes. Little Horn clothes are all about high fashion, quirky fun graphics and being a bit edgy! Only cool kids are allowed to wear these clothes. Most ex pats in Bali take there kids to school on big classic motor bikes, hang out on the beaches in the evenings learning to surf, while snacking in-between on fruit smoothies and amazing local Balinese food…just the way they role in Bali.

This is just one of the many dresses I designed while working for Little Horn, back in 2009...

Pink dip dye.

Charcoal dress and one of my fashion illustrations. I wish I had this colourway of dress in mysize...maybe I should make one this summer. Especially as I wear my pink one to death.

My womenswear version of the pink dress and a little sketch.  Wearing dip dye since 2009...

This is Next’s dip dye dress for Spring/Summer 2013.

A few other dip dye dresses on the market. I love this zip through dress from If it hadn't have sold out then I would have definetly added this to my summer wish list. The shape and colour is so wearable and you know it would look great with converse or ballerinas depending on your mood! 

The ombre / dip dye trend is still going strong from fashion to hair to home décor…


  1. Els,

    Emily did some dip dying on an evening dress for her final major project and the results were lovely. We were talking about doing a silk version (day wear) to sell at Cardigan Quays but never got around to it... I'll look out her photos and send them.

    I love the simple style of your dress. It suits all sizes and ages..

  2. Thanks Suzy! ooh I'd love to see them.