Tuesday, 15 January 2013

She's got style...Cherry Healey

So I am not someone that really cares about celebs... What they do. Whom they fight with in the public eye. Who they are having it off with or what designers they are wearing… but often I notice when the odd one has a nice chilled out style.

Sometimes I think, ‘oh wouldn’t mind looking like that’… no not with fake eyelashes, being bright orange or having a hair extension… that is not me. Clothes should be as much about comfort as style.

So I thought I would blog about Cherry Healey. I love a good documentary so between her and Dawn Porter, there is generally something to watch. I think Cherry has a fab laid back style, it’s a real thrown together look with a bit of a biker twist with the studded blouses, biker jackets and chunky heels.

Day to day look, easy relaxed and tonal.

Black key garments smarten up any casual outfit. 
The statement necklaces add indivual style and the scale adds texture.

Muted animal prints for nights out.

Along with having hair that just looks  goodshaken about and tumbled into a pretty but relaxed hairstyle. Think I might have to try out the bed hair/ twin plaits next time I have a bad hair day. She is definitely a yummy mummy with style!

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