Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Denim shirts...

Denim shirts seam to have gone from a must have item to a wardrobe staple. People are layering them over dresses, teaming them with cute cardies or just using them as collar detailing under knitwear.

I still don't have one, for ages I kept thinking as soon as I invest they will go out of fashion. But they seam to be a keeper on the high street they have lasted two A/W seasons and seam to be going strong and developing ready for this S/S season.

This winter has been all about the studding, both across the shoulders and picking out key lines on the collar.  This has brought the basic denim shirt up to trend and added metal detailing.


I love the mix of textures with the denim and the lace, especially on the back yoke. Adding the lace is a very quick way to pretty up the shirts. This will explode over the S/S 13, and the classic shapes will be made to feel girlie but should be teamed with jersey dresses and converse pumps...

I love the wash on the D&G shirt.

Slowly we are seeing this ombre trend grow, its now moving in to stripes and basics. I know I was designing it back in Bali (See Dip dye blog post), but maybe because the UK high street have been so slow to fade it in to the stores that the customers are now ready for it. It has been floating around the home decor design world for a good year... I wonder if the high street home decor will jump on this for next S/S14?

I'm not sure I am a fan of the dramatic bleaching.

This is cute, I like the way it has been dyed... and it has sold out already!

Bow detailing, this would definitely limit the wear of this shirt.
Could be a fun item to play with double denim on though?

Embroidered pockets from aliexpress.com

More denim details... think we may see a lot more of the denim and ditsy prints in S/S14.


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  2. Great post :) I have a demin shirt from h&m which I love layering, if you don't mind me asking, how did you come up with your blog name? I'm really struggling, so far I'm thinking of "under the apple tree" I dunno what do you think? :) xx

  3. Hey thank you for your comment! What a great blog you have! I have nominated you for the Libster Award, check out my blog for details! x


  4. Hello, I think its a cute name. I came up with yellow fields after happy memories of sunflower filled fields when travelling europe as a kid, and having moved to the midlands with all the yellow rape seed fields. x