Monday, 7 January 2013

Home Decor Monday... Conran Bookends

Have you seen the new Conran bookends? Well they are not that new…they’ve been out for a while.  Marks and Spenser’s are selling them in the Conran range.  They are just metal G-clamps with Conran cast on to them. It is funny what people will spend money on for the sake of having a designer piece! The fact that they have sold out on the Marks and Spenser's website must mean that their customers have the money to happily spend money on creating that designer look.

Don’t get me wrong I like them, but why don’t people just ‘borrow’ them from their Dad’s garage or buy a normal one from a DIY shop and paint it a random colour. 

I often think we are a nation of ease... lots of people would rather chuck money at something then spend an afternoon and abit of effort doing a job themselves. Are we becoming a nation that nolonger does our own DIY? Are we to busy to do it ourselves? Is it beacause we don't have the tools?  No... I think people are just lazy and need to spend abit of time and effort doing it themselves. Maybe people would then appreciate well build old furniture and homes instead of rushing out to the high street to buy a 'newer' 'better' one, especially as so much is thrown to landfill these days. 

I think the bookends are fab and if I had chunky built in bookshelves… that hopefully one day I will, in my dream house!  Yes I will be ‘borrowing’ a G-clap or two to use as bookends! They are kind of fun and you know they would always be a good talking point... don't get me wrong if someone brought me one as a present I would be chuffed to bits but I think secretly I would prefer a rusty used one from the garage.


  1. I do like them, but don't think I'd like them in my home - they do feel a bit like a 'name dropping designer' item to me. At least if you got the ones out of your Dad's garage and sprayed them a cool colour they'd be original! x

  2. Hehe, exactly my thoughts...although I think I would want real rusty warn ones.