Saturday, 26 January 2013

Amsterdam...Kleine Fabriek

Last week I visited the Kliene Fabrik show in Amsterdam. I love Amsterdam as a city, it is full of beautiful shaped houses, bikes zipping about everywhere, lovely coast line and a city full of culture. I think people often only think of Amsterdam for the red light district or smoking things... bit it has so much more to give!

Kliene Fabric is a kids trade show mainly focusing on clothing for the boutique market, it's one of my favourite shows as they consider everything from the carpet to the coffee. The stands are stunning and the clothes are always considered with great detailing and always key to trend. I couldn't really take any pictures in the show as the companies are show casing collections for S/S14. But I took these of the carpet hehe... got to love how fun it is!

See what I mean the carpet was worth taking pictures of! This was just the coffee section and they had all the latest trend and industry magazines to flip through.

Mix match of bikes outside the show...

Just a few more... walking back to the station. I love how they all cycle everywhere. It's funny how all the bikes are a bit battered and bruised. No one had posh new bikes? Maybe they feel the need to show off and have fancy bikes...they are happy to customise there own and as long as it gets them from a to be it does its job? I love the dutch culture. As a child I was lucky enough to send many summers traveling europe and we would often end up in some dutch village for a week or two.

Look what I spotted at the train station while waiting for the train to Amsterdam Centraal... Yes, I can't go anywhere with out spotting fab chairs! Look at these great laminated and slat chairs, they would never do this in the UK! There simplicity and great form makes them very appealing for passengers to sit and watch the world go by while they wait for their train.

Tram and trains...

Look at how all the shapes are different shapes and sizes! I always think Amsterdam looks like a storey book, with the pretty shapes of the houses... so I have used it as a bit of print inspiration and come up with these 3 fabric repeats....

 copyrighted to Elspeth Morris 2013

 copyrighted to Elspeth Morris 2013

This one is my favourite with the canal running through the streets and the highlight of orange! We all know how much the dutch love orange!

 copyrighted to Elspeth Morris 2013

Alittle dutch inspired design...

Dutch house inspired cupboard, these where up for gift of the year in 2011! They are beautiful, the only issue is I  wonder if the windows are cut out?...As if they you would see all your bits through the holes.Still very pretty though in the soft shades.

These are fab, and would make a key statement in any home! I love them...they would look great in a clean simple room. They would also be great in a playroom? You would definetly need to have 2 or 3 to make a statement, but I think they would be a great talking point.

If you don't want to make a big bold statement but you want a pretty nod. Take a look at these stunning little tealights, and as the light shines the windows glow. Definetly a great pressie!

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