Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cool Places Sunday... Braderie Vintage shop, Leamington Spa


51 Warwick street,
Leamington Spa,
CV32 5JR

I randomly discovered this place a few weeks ago, just a stones throw away from my street! I have since discovered that Warwick street is where quite a few vintage shops have gathered. This place is a real treasure trove. With loads of old denim jackets, crazy shirts and of course the think chunky charity shop vintage jumpers!

It only has a tiny section of homewears but is ramded with every garment you could want. Along with random bits, jewellery, accessories and bags. Its the sort of place you can get lost in for ages just going through the rails wishing you had the guts to pull off one or two of the items.

So I took a few snap shots of random bits of the shop to inspire you to go visit!...

How fab are these old coffee pots, definetly a great house warming present!

This is definetly the shop for little leather bags! 
They have loads, and I mean loads! I love the way they are all warn and old, they probally all have amazing stories of places they have been and things that they have carried! Love letters, keys to new houses, yummy homemade sandwiches for picnics, or cheeky little bottles of vodka! Definetly areal treat  purchase... or an amazing pressie for a friend.

Sunglasses anyone?

Peekcap for any vintage chavs out there?

Definetly a shop worth a visit...

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