Monday, 31 December 2012

Lily's quilt...

During the summer I made this very cute and cosy quilt for a friends little girl. My friend had lovingly kept all Lily’s favourite clothes, first birthday dress, favourite tees, baby grows that had been hand printed by friends, clothes that family and friends had brought and of course one's that just hold special memories!

Carefully and sadly I cut them all up! And this is how it turned out! Hopefully a quilt that will grow with Lily and one that she can cwtch up, have stories with granny under, play with her little brother on and even make dens with. But most of all to snuggle off to sleep under and know that her Mummy and Daddy will always love her!

Well after a great response I have been asked to make another one for little Lily’s best friend Ocean!... So the squares are all cut and sewed to together... exciting times… I can’t wait to show Ocean’s Mum next time I’m home.

But here is a few cute pictures of Lily and her quilt! I will take more pictures of the next one...

My Mum was a very talented quilter and used to make amazingly detailed quilts, many, which I have in the flat. I love the way that they all hold different memories and each is a great work of colour in its own right. It feels nice to be continuing the craft, just in my own way… this is Mum and I under one of many quilts being quilted over the years.

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