Thursday, 27 December 2012

Home sick...

I still can’t believe I have only been away for just under 3 months, but oh how I miss the beach and Pembrokeshire! 

The beach was part of my daily routine, taking Teal down for a walk or just going to clear my head and think, even chilling out with friends when the sun actually decided to shine…but the beach and ‘home’ will always be there.

I believe strongly that a home is about the people not the bricks of the house. So even if my Dad ever moves I know his new house will still be the place I call home. Is it the hug you get as you walk through the door? Is it the smell of the place? Or is it just the way we can totally be ourselves and how the people around us know us and love us, no matter what mood we are in or if we are having a bad day? Maybe it is just the memories that it holds?? Who knows, but one thing I know is there is nothing better than going home for the weekend!!

I’ve booked a long weekend off in a couple of weeks time to go home. Just chill out, see good friends and just enjoy Pembrokeshire … chilled relaxed pubs and the cold beach. Yes… I’m super doopa home sick!  I’m silly I know and I need to man up!!

A few pictures of beautiful Pembs, the place I call home!

Pretty place hey!

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