Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas cards...

Christmas cards what funny things; we send them to people we see everyday and others that we don't see for years but it's the time of year when we stop and think about other people. This year I brought lovely cards from Sainsbury’s with a cute cross-stitch vibe! But I am officially crap…the cards are still sat in there wrapping! Bad I know!! It is to late to write and send them now, so sorry everyone!

This is just a close up of the over all card design red design, the other half of the cards are on a cream base. I thought the design was fairly safe for both colleagues and family and friends. At the moment we are starting to see this emerging trend of cross stitch being printed and mixed with pixalated graphics. I think its fun, especially for guys which is often hard to get right if you don't want to go down the funny card route. This trend is predicted to be big in A/W 13. Look at the fab wrapping paper below which you can design yourself to include your own logos and patterns. Could be nice for any design agencies or graphic companies, wrapping presents for clients?

Take a peek at my top 5 Graphic Christmas cards…

1. One to make you giggle... Designed by Alison Carmicheal

2. A fab design that sums up Christmas... Printable card from e.m.printers

3. Beautiful typography... I love this, but i can't remember where I found it?

4. One for the men! (and some girls)... Designed by Alexander Glenn

5. Obviously simple... from Pantone 
(could be a fun idea to do a set that is personalised to your own families personalities and events)

But it's Friday and I'm driving home for Christmas...which I have been counting down till today for the last month, desperate to go home! Nothing like the beach and friends and family when you can be yourself.

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