Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas girls jumpers

When is a bad Christmas jumper good? Is it when they get so nutty and over the top that people stop and say ‘’Haha look at your jumper’’?!

 In work people are slowly pulling their jumpers out of the backs of their wardrobes. The funny half bad ones that you only wear for two or three weeks a year! So far I’ve seen… 3d noses, loopy classing patterns, massive reindeer's, terrible Christmas trees and bad jumpers that just happen to be Christmas colours!

Well I have started looking for one… eek Its definitely not an easy task… but I need to get in to the spirit and if I find a bad enough cheesy one I may even wear it Christmas eve when I drive home after work… listening to cheesy Christmas music and singing my little heart out!

A fun and easy to wear snowflake inspired jumper, from Primark.

Cheeky applique jumper, from
 I think I prefer the styling of the shoot to the jumper, the design seams to be pretty unisex to?

This jumper is from New Look, I saw a very similar one last year on a tan colour base but I don't know if was inspired by or is just a rip off...    Ill have a look through my inspiration folders from last year and see if its in there. I think its a fab girly jumper though, especially as it would be very easy throw on with uggs and jeans. It's just a shame they ruined it with a 'Where's Wally' stripe on the back.

I saw this jumper on the spoof Keith Lemon and Rosie programme last night. It's a super cute jumper and it looked a lot better on Rosie than in the picture! It's from Topshop so its a little on the pricey side for a Christmas jumper at £50, especially as its only warn for such a tiny amount of the season.

This is another number from Topshop, cute and girly.

I love how bad this jumper is but you know it would go down really well at the village pub! 
This cheeky number is from, The Christmas jumper store.

Look how terrible this jumper is, is it so bad its good?! or is it just bad?
I can't quiet decide but I know if any of my mates wore it to the pub, I would definitely think...good effort!! Another number that could easily be unisex.

A fun mix of Girly Christmas jumpers! Have you brought yours yet?

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