Monday, 24 December 2012

Father Christmas is comming!!

So its Christmas Eve, I cant believe how quick it has come round! This time last year I wasn’t really ready to deal with Christmas, yes it was my second Christmas without Mum but it was probably the hardest.

But this year is different, I found out at the last minute on Friday that I can take today off work and have an extra day at home… so needless to say I am over the moon!!

This morning has been spent prepping veg and sorting everything out for Christmas dinner…that I am cooking for 8! But I love cooking and it is probably best for me to stay busy, I guess the mind doesn’t have time to think about things then.

So the carrots, parsnips and potato’s are peeled, sprouts are cleaned, sewed is cooked and mashed… cauliflower is chopped, leeks are cooked and ready to be baked in my yummy cheesy sauce!!... Is this is a big welsh thing? Or does everyone else feel there is something missing if they have a Sunday lunch with out cheesy creamy leeks?

Pigs in blankets wrapped, red cabbage is done, ham cooked in honey and mustard, bread sauce made, just the turkey and pork left to sort tomorrow.

As we had 8 people coming from different sides of the family I thought maybe I should do a table plan… place names. Especially as I wanted a seat at the end of the table, with easy access to the kitchen. So while watching ‘The Snowman and the snow dog’, I got a bit of inspiration and made these little guys… (Everyone in my family knows I cannot sit in front of the telly and do nothing!!)

All ready for Father Christmas...

Well its been a productive day, I hope you have all been good this year and that Father Christmas comes!! X

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