Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Wrapping paper...

It’s funny how every present I unwrapped this morning, I first studied the wrapping paper design. I guess the designer inside me is always there even on Christmas day! There are so many nice wrapping paper designs out there, they are just hiding amongst the piles and piles of cheap nasty tacky stuff! So, this morning I took some pic's... I can not decide if it’s the modern one’s or if it’s the ones that use the traditional Christmas imagery in a new way that are the best. But my favourite has to be the mistletoe wrap, there is something a bit romantic and Christmassy about it!

It's so simple but I think its lovely...

A different berry number!  I think I may do the berry route next year?
Below a few more berry gift wraps... some classic and a modern red mistletoe number.

There is something lovely about wrapping pressies weather it's for Christmas or birthdays. Covering up that gift, that you have put time and effort into choosing and a creating a surprise secret gift! When wrapping presents I am normally more about the paper design and I forget about the ribbon or tags (maybe I will learn for next year, who know?!)

How cute is this star ribbon tie? I think it would possibly stand out more if it was used with a plain coloured paper, even for birthdays if it was used with a bold plain colour?

I love the how simple this is with the brown paper and cute tags, especially with the fun text tags. They would be cute for a couple who don't want to be all overly lovely dovey... Maybe all couples are gushy at christmas but I think these are cool!  www.botanicalpaperworks.com

Typography is always a fun way of keeping gift wrapping fresh take a peek at this wrap I had today. Its so simple but the mix of colours and bold font just made it really seasonal. Often christmas images such as Santa, Reindeers and stockings are made to look young and childish, maybe typography is the new trend coming through in gift wrap? This made me think about how type can be used on its own...

Simple and fun for all ages and both sex's!

Could be a fun way of keeping people entertained while waiting for other guests to arrive? I would be pretty tempted to start circling different words while wrapping up my gifts to!...maybe this should be left for the person who recieves the present? Maybe it could be a way of giving them a tiny clue as to what is inside the present? It could be fun way to personalise a gift, if you printed your own paper.

How fab is this!! This wrapping paper should be used by a number of men out there!
Its from a company called... indiogoelephant (notonthehighstreet.com)

This potato printing wrap reminds me of being little and making our own wrapping. The lovely handmade random patterns and fun element, if i had seen this in the shops I definetly would have been tempted to buy after all isnt christmas all about children?! The bottom left gift bag is from Sainsbury's, it's so clean and fresh and I love the use of pink with the typical red and blue. Saying that though its definetly a gift wrap that you would only use for girls! (Definetly not one for smelly boys.) The colours are also very similar to the colours used in my cousins collections of christmas gift wrap...

I love this look for wrapping presents to but I can never find newspaper that isn’t covered in terrible pictures or articles you really don’t want to be sat under the Christmas tree...these people seam to have found nice paper with just text. Especially when its teamed up with coloured ribbon...

Well lots of ideas for birthdays and next year! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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