Sunday, 21 October 2012

Flats and suitcases...

So it seams like 1 bed flats are like gold dust around here especially if you want anything half decent! So after going into 101 estate agents I have found 4 okay ones to look at … to fingers crossed I fall for one! All four flats tick completely different boxes, but I think until I view them I just won’t know?!

All the flats seam to be unfurnished. Which I don’t mind as already have a good range of bits and it means I also get to collect more…ready for when I eventually become a grown up and buy my own place!

I guess the main thing I learnt this weekend is that I am not going to get my big windows and fireplace in the same flat… but I guess that is something that I can hope for when I buy… best get saving my pennies up!

I don’t think it will finally hit in that I am actually moving up here until I have my own place, especially at the moment I feel like I am just here for a week or two. Maybe it is because I don’t have a desk at work…let alone a chair! So maybe on Monday it will all seam a little more real??

Toady I went off and discovered a few antique centres, the first one was very expensive and everything seamed to be polished up to the max and mixed in with loads of reproductions!...What i was really after was an old junk shop but they dont seam to exist any more. 

But the second place was way better, real treasures and even brought my first suitcase...which is a real beauty, and a good size! I don't know why but it was under hlaf the price of the others, which I didn't realise till after i took it to the front to pay! So all in all it was a good day.

I love how suitcases are used in home decor at the moment, especially when they are used in unspected ways or stacked up in corners. They are great for storage as they look great and hold a great deal of 'stuff' that you dont want out on show. Here are a few fun ways other people have used them around the home...

Bare brick and suitcases...good mix!

I think they are a fun way of using storage for a bedside table.

These are super cute, but they are not my style.

Normally i love white decor...
 but I think is a waste of such lovely history all covered up?!

A new dog's bed? Kinda cute idea with the pocket for toys. 
But Teal likes to sleep cuddled up to hers and then drags 
them around the house the rest of the time!

Love this, especially the randomness of it, 
but I think you would need a big hall for it?

I wonder where my first suitcase will live?...

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  1. A very cute idea! Actually, last year I bought a vintage suitcase for one of my friend and we pimped it into a coffee table:-)