Friday, 19 October 2012

Flat hunting!

Tomorrow is flat hunting day...and I have to say I am super excited! Firstly because I love being nosey around other peoples properties and secondly because I think this new job will seam more real once I have my own home to go back to each night.

Stupidly I have what I want already in my mind…
Big windows
Light and airy

These things that I don’t think are hard to find but it’s finding the right place with all of them and in an area I actually want to be in. Then I have the whole debate of do I spend more on rent and live in a nicer place, where there is more going on. 

Or do I spent less in a place that I’m not 100% about but it would mean I could save more for a deposit/mortgage in the long term? Also how long will it take me to travel to work in the mornings? Do I want to be closer to work and further from social life ??

I don’t think I can decide this till I have seen a few tomorrow, but I would love an old place with character! Here are a few flats with d├ęcor that I love… 

Clean, fresh and super tall ceilings!

Ahh gotta love a bit of bare brick...

I think these colours togther are lovely, often duck egg is cold...this room looks so cosy!

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