Friday, 31 May 2013

I love...

Okay so I love chairs.... Yes the more battered and warn the better, the older and nore tales they have to tell the better... I like chairs with character.

I am currently on the big deposit at the moment for my own house... but I still find my self looking in junk shops and on eBay for fab old chairs!

 I love both of these sets, they are both completly different but speak volumes. When I have my own home I would love to have a place full of mix and match chairs... There are way to many fab chairs out there to have matching ones!

 Look at this fab leather set... its super cheap to! I love the way that the leather is all warn and probably has loads of tales to tell...

How fab is this! Definetly a star piece for any room... could be a funny colour to fit into a room though.

Love this! A lady in my Gran's flats has exactly the same one!! Wouldnt it be fab in a clean fresh white kichen with fun pops of colour.

Cinema chairs... they definely need to sit in a big tiled hall... one can dream!

These are a real style piece but I worry that when they are all sat round a table 
that they may loose their impact? Pretty cool though...

Good old school chair with the desk arm, we used to have these in drama. I remember at the time thinking they were pretty cool but now I would love to own one of my own. How fab would it be as a old fashioned telephone chair... do people even sit on the stairs anymore on the house phone playing with the curly wire?

All these fab chairs all within a 30mile radis of where I am currently living!!
eBay is fab for chairs...

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