Sunday, 12 May 2013

Nail art... Cornflower blue

So in the last two weeks my nails must have changed colour at least 4 times!... I know this is what happens to you when you are single... way to much time on your hands.

So I have had these patterned blue nails now for nearly 5 days and they havn't chipped or marked at all so I am pretty pleased...and no top or base coat... I know, I know... I should... but I don't own any so...

First I applied two coats of cornflower blue nail varnish... then I used the black nail art pen to draw the geometric patterns... this design just developed as I did the first finger... I didn't realise how much harder the right hand would be than the left.

Day 5... starting to chip...including four days swimming

The nail varnish... Gelly high shine/ Barry M
Nail varnish score ... 8/10
It applys smoothly and only needs two coats to create a solid smooth colour. 
It also dried quickly and has warn very well.

 Nail art pens... Kelly Brook
Nail Pens Score... 7/10

This is the first time I have used nail pens, so partly this was me getting used to how they fast the flow.
Over all I was very suprised at how easy they were to use. They have warn really well and I like the way the nail pen varnish sits flat on the surface rather than being a raised mound. These are really easy for beginners and I would definetly recommend them in the future.

What shall I do with my nails this week?

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