Saturday, 25 May 2013

Illustrator...Mick Inkpen... Don't lose Pigley, Wibbly Pig!

I spotted this book on the dinning room table and it has to be one of the cutest storey books... beautiful watercolour illustrations with a lovely story...reminding little ones to take there time and do one thing at a time.

In the storey Wibbly has just been to a party and has been given a party bag... but he has two many things to hold and can't see everything in his bag and so he rushes and makes a mistake and his poor little to Pigley gets in to a spot of bother until... Wibbly stops and thinks and everything turns out okay in the end.

The illustrations are so innocent and the font for the text is so child friendly and bonces along the page perfectly to the story...

Fab watercolours...

Oooh what's in the party bag?!

How lovely is the font it looks handwritten in crayon...

Yay! Happy Wibbly Pig!

... it's not suprising it's sold millions of books worldwide!

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