Saturday, 21 September 2013

Mix and match tiles

A little while ago I came across a image of a kitchen wall... full of mix and match tiles. Ever since I have seen them popping up all over the place... especially after my trip out to the reclamation yard when I discovered boxes and boxes full of random tiles!

I love the way that the different patterns on the tiles sit so well together. As long as the colour pallets are tight, they seam to work well together. All the titles having come from different places, all with differnet stories to tell... but when brought together, for a new chapter... a new home... they create a whole new look.

How fab is this kitchen above... due to the bright colours within the tiles, they would need to be limited to feature walls. The yellow and bright turquoise sit so well together against the fresh white of the walls. I wonder if alot of these tiles have been painted especially for this new room, or the owner just hit very lucky. The chandelier sets the whole look off and brings the dated tiles to life! Maybe this isn't a kitchen that you would enjoy with a hangover but it is definitely a sunny and happy room.

In contrast the bold solid patterns on these tiles clash and give off a retro vibe.  The black of the oven seam to bring the room together and the small area of tiles shout without taking over the room. This would be a very easy look to achieve with the right simple cupboards and light bright walls.

Nothing beats the classic look of these blue and white tiles, all re cut to the same size. The trimmed tiles allow the patterns to fall off the edges and create one large mix and match print. The clean look of the blue and white does not jar on the eyes, but brings back memories of blue and white china and fresh white sheets hanging on the line.  This is a very preety look.. but could easily look dated and fussy. The room decor would need to be mondern, bright and airy... allowing the tiles to be the focal point of the room.

This has to be my favourite of all the mixed tiles images I have spotted... the modern bath and white walls and wooden floor boards against the fun bold and unplanned wall tiles. I love the contrast in sizes and the bright jades against the grass the green.... this look is nothing but fab! It may not be the easiest to clean but they have actually only used 5 differnet types of vinage/retro tiles with the rest being made up of modern tiles. This in turn would possibly allow the look to be achieved at a cheaper cost rather than sourcing every individual tile at reclamation yards.

Amazing intricate patterns painted on to the tiles. The top left image is lovely how the petrol blue walls almost give the tiles a second burst of life!

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